When you have those little moments of drive and determination you have to pounce on it, especially when you normally have 0% energy like me. I have been so productive in the last week it’s actually quite scary. Running/gyming everyday and getting job interviews all over the place!
Lists are the answer, make lists..

After getting fully into watching Youtuber Casey Neistat and his occasional list lead life, I can confirm that they are great for getting shit done. So simple too huh? This New Yorker lives the most productive, hard working, go getter lifestyle and I am certainly inspired. You may know him from his snowboarding antics through the streets of New York after their snow storm in January? Definitely get him in your life..

Youtube is actually what I would call my main source visual entertainment nowadays and if you watch vloggers regularly (particularly travel vloggers) like me, then you will recognise the feel good music they place in their videos. This brings me on to my musical promo for the day..

Aussie outfit The Avalanches (get the name of the blog post now? AY!?) recently released their latest album “Wildflowers” and it is like a continuous flowing story of old school inspired memos and shimmering hip-hop. Check it out below, it will change your daily walk/cycle/run/life into a your own personal beaut of a film with the best soundtrack. Just, yes please..

That’s enough chatter for one day me thinks! Go check out Casey and The Avalanches and get your positivity on people. If I can do it so can you..