After being a complete and utter bum for the last 4 months I am pleased to announce that I have a job but wait not just A JOB..I only went and got two didn’t I! With another interview next Tuesday it would appear that if you actually get out of your bed with a positive mindset everyday you can actually do life pretty well..

I don’t have much more to say actually, for now though I’m gonna leave you in capable hands of my sister for a little throwback to last year..
Here’s a video that makes me really happy, from what is still probably my favourite ever holiday in North Devon. Every single day we were there it was all cloudy and the moment we stepped outside the sun came out. The video below definitely sums up the holiday perfectly (LOOK AT THAT RAINBOW)..

Enjoy meeting the crazy, lovely people I call my family!
(Man this video makes me smile so much..)