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Having a change of lead vocals in a band is never one that a band wants to make but a blessing in disguise it may just be, well, in this case anyway. If you have read the blog in the past you might recognise Orchards as they have a pretty big place in my heart, falling in love with what they were doing from day one.
Yesterday though I saw them for the first time in months, with new front lady Lucy Evers and quite honestly was blown away at how far the change has brought the band in such a short space of time.
In my eyes this has brought new life into their expressive math-pop and I got that blasted all over my face last night, like, it was SO good! (Felt like a proud Dad)..

I very rarely feel this passionately about a band but over the last two years I’ve seen them blossom in to the perfect, kooky band I thought they could be back when. Wow, when did I become so soppy and poetic?
Oh, and they supported one of my favourite bands Fish Tank last night too which I know was a tick off their list, also made the night overly enjoyable for myself. Big shout out to those three lovely chaps too for making yet another Brighton gig a bloody great time!

Bigger stages, bigger nights, bigger things await for Orchards I’m sure but for now I shall leave you with all of the math filled treats below! Feat. Fish Tank’s “The Milk” obviously because it’s the best song ever..(Seriously though boys can we have this as a single please so I don’t have to keep watching this shoddy live video anymore, thanks.)