changing currents

changing currents

As you well know I am all about promoting exciting up and coming talent on the blog and having already shared 30+ tracks online this local producer has his sights set on the big time..

“..a year ago I didn’t even know what hip hop was, I had no idea how music was made but now I’m finding myself musically and I’m ready to fuck shiz up.”

Michael Stakim aka Changing Currents is a 17 year old Sussex based college-goer who is showing the professionalism of someone twice his age. With his beat making aesthetics on point, sampling and creating his own, this guy could be the next real deal. Personal favourites include his 90’s jazz change up of Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’ and the original taster ‘Slurpin” which you can go and bop your head to below..

As a producer though it’s your collabs that make or break you and his first official track laid down with college friend/singer-songwriter Tammie is a simple yet effective bright start.

Give this kid a few years and I guarantee you we start to see his name alongside some big ones. I’m willing to put a lot of money on it. Actually, only got £13.40 in my wallet, that will have to do.

Definitely get to checking out his full catalogue of tracks on his SoundCloud and go chuck some support his way..

weekly hit: lydia evangeline – coldest shadow

weekly hit: lydia evangeline – coldest shadow

Blue Monday has been and gone and I have a brand new local artist that we can all get our teeth into! Formally of the duo Wayward Daughter – A YouTube inspired start up, Lydia Evangeline has recently decided to branch out into writing on her lonesome via the 2015 founded Bespoke Records..

“As opposed to 99% of the other songs I’ve written, this song was actually not written from my own experience/heart. Kind of a funny story. I was reading Jennifer Garner’s official divorce statement from Ben Affleck, and she wrote it in such a poetic way that it inspired me to write a song. Thanks Jen!”


..this is the outcome from years of writing behind the scenes and gearing up for a solo career. “Coldest Shadow” – An aspiring pop track with the hooks to match up with the big hitters in the game right now, billing the songwriting quirks for future hits no doubt. This gal is definitely one to watch as we begin our journey into another Brighton acclaiming 2018!

Check out the single below and await the visuals dropping via VEVO very soon. Trust me, it’s fab..

weekly hit: schilly – b.a.m

weekly hit: schilly – b.a.m

We back, music is back, weekly hit is back. It’s a great time to be alive. Now, who’s up for bustin’ some moves to help blow away those post festive blues? Are we rhyming now? No. No we are not.

Following on from his ‘Love, Schilly’ EP last year, Philadelphia based soloist Nicholas Schill aka Schilly has kicked off his 2018 by dropping a cheeky little hit going by the name of “B.A.M”. Produced by fellow statesmen Charley Coin this hook heavy, hip popped track puts it’s best, tapping foot forward with groovy guitar shakes and the beats to match!

Get your head bopping below..




Now, I know, I have been away for a few months and I know that this means I have missed A LOT of the end of 2017’s musical buzz. More importantly the local, Brighton homed buzz..but fear not I am here with four things you need to hear/see just incase you were as distant as me over the last few months..


Yonaka shared the pink linen engulfed visuals for their killer single “Bubblegum” off their debut ‘Heavy’ EP.  After finding them a few years back, boy are they proving to be one hell of an uprise. 2018 is gon’ be big for this bunch..


Klae became a new name to divulge yourselves in as they shared their debut track “Fake”. Showing that there are two sides to everything in the video for a promising local upstart..


High Tyde continued to finish their 2017 in style by sharing “Young Offenders & “In Your Head”, both with videos boasting their teen breakout aesthetic. Again, another band with a bright year ahead for sure..


Sulky Boy went and dished out “Shasta Fay” alongside a swanky new look (big fan). An already decent following throughout the lanes of Brighton, a breakout year for the stick out duo? Maybe..


SO, that’s ya lot, for now anyway..

OH and my aptly named ‘Playlisted Weekly’ Spotify playlist will be back and up to date this Friday (05/01) TOO! Get on that ting below here:

we are the ones who wanna live young

we are the ones who wanna live young

Something happened the other day, something that got me very excited. Do you recall a band called Mausi? WELL. You may remember hits such as “Sol”, “Move” and “My Friend Has A Swimming Pool” bringing a little bit of danced up sun into your life a few years back..

We always had one mission: dream big and fuck things up.

That’s right, they’re back and they’ve brought their catchy dance hooks with them on new single “Famous”. Hitting up the 80’s synth this track explores the trance inspired side of the band that we never got to see under management. After sitting on this track since their split it has that feeling of a big old middle finger to the music industry and I think after listening it’s fair to say that these guys come out on top.

Now, releasing via their own label XIX Music this talented, banger producing, pop bunch can push on with releasing what they want, when they want and this can only mean BIG things.

Boogie and scream along (definitely what I’m doing) to “Famous” below..


emotional motion sickness

emotional motion sickness

I have had a shit few days and this track has perked me up enough to write about it so that in itself makes it a winner in my eyes. Phoebe Bridgers is from LA and she is creating pure magic with her newest releases..

With swooping, folk inspired guitars plucking away at broken hearts “Motion Sickness” is easy on the ears. Reverbed vocals paint the picture around some of the best songwriting scenery I’ve seen in a while, picking out happy smiles amongst a whole host of sad faces.

The forthcoming album “Stranger In The Alps” comes out on Dead Oceans on September 22nd and I will be all over it, as should you..


p.s US peeps can find all her tour dates (starting next month) HERE!

p.p.s sorry UK peeps.

p.p.p.s please come to the UK soon Phoebe.