sobs’ catflap

sobs’ catflap

After discovering this band that I’m literally about to tell you all about I went on a little mini journey through upcoming Asian indie-pop stuff and I’m not gonna lie fell in love with an awful lot. Anyway on to Singapore homed trio Celine Autumn, Jared Lim, Raphael Ong aka Sobs and their debut EP “Catflap”..

Charmfully indulging you in their world from the word go this collection of tracks tell a story. With just a little bit of help from gleaming guitars, endearing vocals and their “un-cool” pop songwriting and at just over 11 minutes this is a short but oh so sweet my eyes it’s actually pretty much completely perfect.

‘Catflap’ collects real-life experiences, fantasies and melancholy rom-coms sewn into a diary of songs on life’s frustrations, affection, intimacy, a neighbour’s dog, and Singapore’s non-existent ocean…

Seriously wanting to pick the whole EP as my weekly hit but if I had to choose one it would be the the glistening, lead single “Girl” that made my weekend so darn special that takes the crown this week! Go and check out the whole release below and fall in love with me, well, not with me, with the songs..

On Repeat: 17/01/17

On Repeat: 17/01/17

After being out of the game for 5 months it’s taken me a whole day to catch up with new music. Here’s the first five songs that caught my eye..

First up we have a 22 year old Liverpudlian lass who is turning heads with her alternative indie-pop sound. It’s clear from her latest “What You Want” that her Courtney Barnett twang is going to woo its way into your heart. A bright spark coming from the UK for sure..

Next up is a promising New York/LA partnership. Innocent Tswamuno and Dan Song are pushing a feel good hip pop wave and their new single “I Found You” flexes its gospel inspired, synth poppin’ smile for all to see. Go get your happy on..

The Brighton pick for the week comes in the form of the electro genius that goes by the name of Stupead. Already making a name for himself worldwide but if you’ve never heard of this guy before then his Summer ready anthem “Alright” is a great place to start..

From Asheville, North Carolina Abbymarie has just 136 plays on her latest track upload and after listening you will join me in pushing up that number. The sexy, jazz undertones in “Stagefright” promote an ambience that is so ready for bigger things..

Finishing the list this week is London’s folk songwriting out break Charlie Cunningham. His debut album ‘Lines’ is out on the 27th of this month and the latest sneak peak “Minimum” has got me very excited about this young man’s 2017..

On Repeat: 13/09/16

On Repeat: 13/09/16

Elohim – Hallucinating

We begin our list this week in the weird yet bloody brilliant world of a new soloist from LA. Her latest single explores alternative pop with soundbites, violins, mexican horns and all sorts. Kinda in love with this plucky little number..

Hush Moss – Take Me By The Hand

From one interesting track to another. I discovered this Berlin based disco inspired collective last week and have found myself listening to their new single an awful lot. A very European Honne, get this trickling, glistening in to your ears. That key change though..

Basecamp – In Stone

Off to the state of Nashville now where we uncover an electrio sharing their latest treat. Moody in the best way, this track delivers with it’s indulgent clicks and moans. An impressive and powerful foot down in a tough old genre market..

Ainslie Wills – Drive

Melbourne, Australia is our next stop and a fruitful, alternative single is what I shall be delivering to your ear holes. Melodical perfection shimmying hand in hand with Ainslie’s completely hypnotising whalings make this a must listen..

Weirdo – Attitude

I’ve had my eye on this anonymous soloist for a while now just trying to work out what direction he is heading. It would appear he’s going every which way possible. The latest splash of weirdness, his best to date. A sugar filled Foals..


On Repeat: 06/09/16

On Repeat: 06/09/16

Phangs – Cul De Sac

First up this week we have a guy called Jake Germany (best name ever) based in Nashville, creating pop sounds as PHANGS. This debut is sweet and subtle with its decadal throwbacks, certainly sounding pretty damn nice from where I’m sitting..

Cinema – Sunlight

Next up we head up the country to Birmingham where a talented quintet are returning with their new single. “Sunlight” hones in on their previous alternative sound but with established maturity and obvious indie-pop zeal..

Wallace – Raffled Roses

New Zealand bound now to discover some exciting future soul sounds. Wallace’s vocals shine through this tampered pop single, offering a simple beat surrounded by an array of clankings. This is definitely a grower give it some time people..

Merk – I’m Easy

We are going to stick around down under for just one more stop as I introduce the alternative shufflings of the weird and oh so wonderful Mark Perkins aka Merk. A synth infested, hook entangling masterpiece, this new single is the bee’s knees of undiscovered indie pop..

Club Drive – Dangerous

We finish our round trip of the globe in London where a brand new four piece have shared their hard hitting pop debut. An interesting toss up between The Script and Fall Out Boy this single certainly already sounds radio ready. Yes boys..

On Repeat: 31/08/16

On Repeat: 31/08/16

Kytes – As We Row

Kicking off this week’s list we head to Germany where vibrant four piece share their latest single. Trickles of sun popped guitars and wandering synths are effervescent in “As We Row”, yet another enjoyable ode to indie-pop..

Ten Tonne Heart – Blinding Lights

Off to discover some South London newcomers next. A mixture of Maccabees and Elbow inspired sounds come flowing over the soft pop sealed edges of what is a cracking debut. Definitely keep an eye on this bunch..

D.D Dumbo – Walrus

Oliver Hugh Perry has planted a successful seed in his weird, wonderful, experimental, alternative sound and that seed just keeps on growing as he shares the first track from his forthcoming album “Utopia Defeated”. All the yes..

Frank Gamble – Heart Speaks

We featured this still faceless producer and his debut “Myths” over a year ago now and he really has hit the ground running. His latest release smashing the proverbial foot down on other dance producers around him. This is huge..

Frame – Love Wasted

We bring this week’s list to it’s inevitable end with some dream filled pop from Brooklyn’s Caitlin Frame. Whirling with prettiness this (the first single from her forthcoming LP) is like eating that last piece of chocolate but then opening another bar just because it’s so yum..


On Repeat: 23/08/16

On Repeat: 23/08/16

Halfnoise – Know The Feeling

Since branching out on this solo project track after track of indie pop glory have came splashing out of Zac Farro’s talented pours. This new single joined by “In The Summer” both show just how far this synth powered sound has come..

Mating Ritual – Look The Other Way

The LA sun is shining now and it’s shining on Ryan Marshall Lawhon and his breakout, 90’s pop swindling sound. This latest release embarks on the high chimes and cute come driven guitars, creating one hell of a tune. Definitely get involved with this..

Max Pope – Rollercoaster

I saw the Brighton boy smash it at The Great Escape Festival back in May and this, his brand new single, was one of the stand out tracks in his wonderful set. I featured him in my one’s to watch list and boy should you be watching out for this talented guy..

Goat – Saturdaze

Max finds himself in an LA sandwich as we discover a fresh new sound from the west coast. Strangely named but addictively presented, this dreamy funk outburst’s arrival is more than welcome. Can’t go wrong with this + sun..

Vacay – The Other Side

We finish this week’s list in Canada where a young, talented, songwriter has began to blossom with his honest and endearing debut single. Levi Randall is his name and creating beautiful, catchy music seems to certainly be his game..