On Repeat: 16/08/16

On Repeat: 16/08/16

Satchmode – State of Mind

A light and fluffy start to this week’s list as we head to sunny LA where this dreamy indie quintet are continuing to throw out track after track of smart talking pop. The new single is most certainly no different..

Seeing Hands – I Knew You

Off up North now, Newcastle to be completely precise, where a freshly plucked four piece are forming the start of their whimsical soft pop journey. I have got an awful lot of time for this bunch, the debut single sounding bloody lovely..

The Magic Gang – All This Way

My Brighton pick was a given with one of my favourite bunch of local lads sharing their brand new single. Said before they’re on the brink of something oh so beautiful and I still really believe that. New EP and UK tour coming soon too..yes boys!

Ivory Wave – Paradise

Birmingham bound now as we discover the post millennial sound of this young, experimental, indie quartet. Their debut “Club” gave off dark undertones as this new single breathes new sun filled life in to their 90’s brit pop scent..

Helena Deland – Aix

We finish off this week’s list in Montreal, Canada where we find the wonderful introduction of singer songwriter Helena Deland. With a debut EP on the way it’s certainly the perfect time to fall head over heels in love with this..

On Repeat: 22/06/16

On Repeat: 22/06/16

Soleima – Wasted

I have found an absolute banger of a song to kick off this week’s list. Copenhagen outfit Soleima are bringing a glitchy, shimmering pop sound to the table and boy is it tasty. Whack this on your Summer playlist right away..

Jane’s Party – Cigarette Buzz

Heading back to our old friend Canada now where we find indie-rock four piece constantly celebrating at some lucky girl’s party. Brit-pop hints lay under a fun and plucky tune in this quite happily cantering single. I do love Toronto..

Chain Wallet – Muted Colours

Running back across in to Europe next to discover a Norwegian trio promoting some smooth talking, jangling indie pop vibes. Synth prickles and those sharp shooting swooshings (what an alliteration) creating one hell of a treat..

John War – The Difference

Oh hi sunny L.A. it’s nice to be back, this time we are here to listen to a producer come singer-songwriter and his new piece of atmospheric pop. Good luck naming all the instruments used, I couldnt. Sounds gnarly though right?..

Marsicans – Far Away (Saudade)

Last but never least this week we head just up the country to Leeds where we lovingly introduce (finally) the classic but oh so brilliant indie four piece sound of Marsicans. Been a long time coming getting these boys on. New single is fucking great..

On Repeat: 14/06/16

On Repeat: 14/06/16

Plaza – Blood Orange

We kick off this week with a band that I vaguely remember featuring at the start of the year when their debut dropped. My memory is so awful but the four piece’s latest track certainly isn’t. Indie rock at it’s best..

Alex Lahey – Let’s G0 Out

Since the rise of Courtney Barnett the raw, jangly rock-pop sound has taken off. My latest discovery killing it at just that is this female soloist from Melbourne. Her latest single impresses as it drools out Summer kicks..

Johnny Kills – Maybe Next Year

Back to Brighton we go for my weekly pick, this time filled by indie rock trio Johnny Kills. Low-fi trembles, roughly plucked vocals and sour guitar streaks make up their latest single. Go and heave all your support unto them..

Paradisia – Silent Lover

Having always been a lover of soft folk tidings this next group have got me very hot under the collar. This London based trio came flying out with their beautiful cover of “Dancing In The Dark” and now we have been blessed with this silk encased gift..

True – Hold It Back

We complete our round up in Bern, Switzerland where we stumble across the R&B singed electro-pop of this fashionable duo. Entrancing future sounds engulf this latest single, smooth and catchy can’t really ask for much else ay?..

On Repeat: 07/06/16

On Repeat: 07/06/16

Ludvig Moon – Cult Baby

First up this week we find ourselves in Oslo, Norway where this mighty six piece have just dropped their first single in over a year. Captivating, anthemic indie-pop, this is sounding pretty huge storming through my headphones right now..

Kiah Victoria – Cold War

On to New York, where I’m excited to introduce to you this beaut of a debut from 24 year old soloist Kiah Victoria. This breakout single induces slick, soulful, swirls of perfection. That alliteration should be enough to make you listen..

Kicks Of The East – I Knew I’d Lose You

Brighton time, my favourite time. This week’s discovery are a young outfit creating a whipsy, Mac Demarco twanged sound in their impressive first whack at a mini album named “She Never Knew”. Can’t stop listening myself, it’s good shit..

Slaughter House – Glaze

Number four, we are off to Denmark where this quirky trio are back with a blustering new synth possessed gem. Prepare for this to swamp your ears, I haven’t been able to stop pressing play. Smush your face all up in this tune please..

Lonely Benson – Lazy Lover

Finishing off the list this week we head back to the ever promising land of Nashville where we discover this trinket of a debut from Lonely Benson. “Music to make you feel good..” and this smooth indie number is certainly doing that an absolute treat..


On Repeat: 01/06/16

On Repeat: 01/06/16

Minden – Real Sugar

Kicking off this week’s tune-filled list we have a Portland based five piece. Like the title of their latest single suggests this bunch are producing some slow melting, sugar glazed pop. Man, I’m craving an ice cream right now..

The Lapelles – Grab Life By

Next up Glasgow, where we meet up with an up and coming five piece storming on to the scene with their fast paced indie-rock. Major Circa Waves feels here..driving, shimmering, guitar hooks all over the shop. It’s the good stuff..

Salute – One More Chance (ft. D.R.A.M.)

Our weekly Brighton based pick this week comes via Austria. Twenty year old producer salute has erupted on to the scene with his soulful kicks and this new single has taken him into the those old, trustworthy arms of Radio 1 too..

Beach Youth – Young

Fresh out of Caen, France this indie-pop quartet are chucking out their latest blue sky attracting single. Sunny guitar flicks and dreamy harmonies make this track destined for this year’s chilled Summer playlist..

Sampa The Great – Blessings

We end this week with something a little different. Known for expressing herself both through poetry and songwriting this Zambian born, Aussie gal has began creating some beaut short tracks. I’ve honestly fallen in love with this/her..

On Repeat: 25/05/16

On Repeat: 25/05/16

Marcus Alan Ward – Little Sunshine

Who’s ready to get their chill on? Well, I have just the guy for you. This soloist from Cleveland has returned with a vibrant, shimmering new single. Now we just need that sun? Come on you yellow thing you..

OXYMORRONS – I Feel Better

Sticking around in the states for a bit longer we find this alternative R&B, New York based outfit. Their latest single, hip-hop sprinkled is definitely mainstream material. This one will grow on you people, believe me..

Paperboy – In The Morning

The all important Brighton pick this week lands us in the hands of this ska tinged indie-pop quartet made up of Charlie, Natty, Milo, Max and Oli. Go send some love their way and get this treat of a single in your ears..

Palette – Childish

Got something a little different for you now from down under. Palette or Paul Brown as he’s known by his close friends and nan is creating some pretty damn tasty beats over here. This being my favourite, colourful mashing yet..

Laura Misch – Daylight

First of all, is she related to Tom?! Second of all, how bloody glorious is the new single from this London saxophonist?! Come and get whisked off your feet by some vocal treats and just straight up jazzy delightfulness. Oh so smoooooooth..