the brightest of cities

the brightest of cities

I had the pleasure of being invited to the album launch of Brighton collective Bright City last week. Built inside the holy walls of St. Peter’s Church this is yes, music written about and surrounding a God but really, as an on the fence atheist, when you strip away the directive lyrics you will find a banger or two and that’s what sets these guys apart from your musical Christian stereotype..

Packing out The Old Market in Hove their album tracks “You Are The One Thing” and “Fly” brought the party to life, whether you were celebrating a faith or just celebrating the weekend these tracks made you feel great! Other tracks “Your Love” and opener “Maker Of The Moon” also stand out, promoting the diverse songwriting talents within the group. There were moments where the crowd took to their knees in prayer and their were times of moshing and drink lobbing, this isn’t your normal church band, this is the future.

Whether you are of faith or not give this album a chance. These guys aren’t just out to preach, they’re out to create atmospheric pop music and in my eyes they’re doing that pretty damn well!

Stream “Hello Maker” below..


21/07/16: Orchards are growing..

21/07/16: Orchards are growing..

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 13.44.41

Having a change of lead vocals in a band is never one that a band wants to make but a blessing in disguise it may just be, well, in this case anyway. If you have read the blog in the past you might recognise Orchards as they have a pretty big place in my heart, falling in love with what they were doing from day one.
Yesterday though I saw them for the first time in months, with new front lady Lucy Evers and quite honestly was blown away at how far the change has brought the band in such a short space of time.
In my eyes this has brought new life into their expressive math-pop and I got that blasted all over my face last night, like, it was SO good! (Felt like a proud Dad)..

I very rarely feel this passionately about a band but over the last two years I’ve seen them blossom in to the perfect, kooky band I thought they could be back when. Wow, when did I become so soppy and poetic?
Oh, and they supported one of my favourite bands Fish Tank last night too which I know was a tick off their list, also made the night overly enjoyable for myself. Big shout out to those three lovely chaps too for making yet another Brighton gig a bloody great time!

Bigger stages, bigger nights, bigger things await for Orchards I’m sure but for now I shall leave you with all of the math filled treats below! Feat. Fish Tank’s “The Milk” obviously because it’s the best song ever..(Seriously though boys can we have this as a single please so I don’t have to keep watching this shoddy live video anymore, thanks.)


The Great Escape 2016: Our Picks

The Great Escape 2016: Our Picks

With what I believe to be the best new music promoting festival in the world just one week away I thought I would run through the five acts I am most looking forward to seeing. Nothing special, just a list BUT you should definitely do as I say to get the most from your #TGE16 experience..

Max Pope

My local Brighton based pick is a songwriter fresh from our ‘Ones To Watch’ list this year. With his debut EP “Home of Stone” beginning to create a stir for this talented chap I can assure that it will be worth catching his blues inspired indie sound..

Thursday 19th: Paganini Ballroom – 2.15pm


There’s no doubt that these guys will be creating the biggest, eagerest crowds of this years festival. Their breakout in to the mainstream over the last year has been mega. It’s gonna be a highlight for me and many others seeing these alternative Mancunians rock out..

Thursday 19th: Concorde 2 – 10.15pm

Friday 20th: Wagner Hall – 11.30am

Clean Cut Kid

After seeing these guys play in Brighton just a few months back I knew that I would be catching them at this years festival. The end of 2015 was their breakout point and with singles “Vitamin C” and “Pick Me Up” I can assure you their sets will be a party..

Friday 20th: Brighthelm – 9.30pm

Saturday 21st: Komedia – 1.30pm

Loyle Carner

The wave behind the poetry of this London soloist is beginning to build higher and higher. A headline UK tour is on the horizon at the end of the year proving just how special this guy is. If you want to be serenaded into the abyss of jazzy, hip-hop you’re in the right place..

Saturday 21st: Wagner Hall – 12.30pm (Acoustic), 12.30am (Full Band)


My love for this American trio has been growing since the release of their single “Loudspeaker” last year. 2016 has brought their freshly produced, 80’s synth full debut EP, the beginning of something big if you ask me. You do not want to miss these gals..

Saturday 21st: Coalition – 7.00pm







I just wanted to take this quick opportunity in what will be my last post of 2015 to thank all of you lovely readers who have almost doubled our reads this year to over 80,000!! Of course a massive thankyou to all the artists and bands who have shared my ramblings too it’s still bloody crazy in my eyes! I hope you’ve all had a cracking Christmas and all get very very drunk this New Years..2016 is gonna be grand I just know it!!

Anyway, onto my top ten albums of the year then ay..

1. Justin Bieber – Purpose

There was only one winner this year. It came late but I think we all knew that after the first track dropped that this full release was going to blow the fuck up. His most mature album to date spilling into this new pop phase for the still incredibly young Canadian. You just can’t say anything bad about any of the tracks from 1-19. JUST YES!!

2. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly 

This album only misses out on top spot because of JB. This is was the right sound from the right man at exactly the right time. The sixteen tracks (interludes included) are all bloody perfection. Anger, despair and meaning pour through the lyrics that overflow into the impeccable overall sound..

3. Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder

A track a month was the plan and that plan they more than succeeded in. This talented duo have stolen my heart with this debut album. Their now already iconic sound is the one i’ll pick out when I think back to 2015 with their electronic piano led soothers..

4. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Think

This young lady has produced this alternative sound based around her straight talking writing style. A story teller trapped in an incredibly talented musicians body. The tracks are unique and bubbling with the infectious upbeat rock-pop trots, minus a couple of course..

5. Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

For me personally this was one of the releases that I was most looking forward to this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Echoing their already huge sound this bunch continued to create more iconic footsteps in their intuitive and creative writing style with this, their third album..

6. Shamir – Ratchet

Bringing a whole mess a sass to this list is the young man who brought his falsetto led sound to the forefront to the start of 2015. This album is full quirky pop flings with a strong electronic base that flirts off into the youngsters out there personality..

7. Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

After Royal Blood undoubtedly taking the duo crown in 2014 this troublesome twosome certainly take it this year. Their debut album is straight to the point with the simplistic yet commonly hard hitting tracks. The real question is though..did Debbie ever find her car?

8. Darwin Deez – Double Down

This has been my go to album since it’s release and it’s somehow managed to grow my love towards this incredibly talented songwriter. Being his third album you could maybe expect the same things but this guy just continues to create new interesting sounds wrapped around his already unique sound..

9. James Bay – Chaos and The Calm

Following what could only be described as a meteoric rise this guy’s debut release had to make the list. So many of the tracks have become huge as singles themselves and I think that deserves an incredible amount of appreciation for this just breathtaking soloist. The male voice of 2015 in my eyes..

10. Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion

Kicking off this list is a girl who can’t really catch a break. Since that huge start to her career with THAT single, all her other things seem to be brushed beneath the carpet. But in my eyes this, her third official album is undoubtedly the underrated pop release of the year..

My Fickle Friends Story

My Fickle Friends Story

Good Morning! I’m currently writing this through a fair few tears but you’ll see why in a minute. I’m going to tell you a story..

SO, I’ve always struggled with anxiety issues. Big crowds and public transport became impossible and basically 3 years ago I couldn’t even leave the house for about 14 months. It sucked, I was depressed, counselling happened, suicidal thoughts were also there in parts BUT then something changed. I suddenly gained that tiny bit of confidence that I needed for the first time in over 4 years at the time to get up and go to a city called Brighton (12 miles away), dying from nervousness but it happened..

On maybe the third visit, with the nerves still completely there I saw a new band called Fickle Friends play at a tiny little venue called The Blind Tiger. Jack had invited me and my other friend Henry was filling in on bass funnily enough he actually killed it on the night, they all did. I was fully hooked. Later on that month my sisters boyfriend Harry became their new bassist as their new wave sound Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 09.44.25began to take shape..

I continued to watch them play venues across Brighton as their confidence grew alongside mine and I eventually became good friends with the other members Natti, Sam and Chris. A competition then arose with Jamie Oliver and The Big Feastival in 2013. Fickle Friends went on to win this. This was when things changed, the band evolve as they recorded and released their first single “Swim” which now has nearly a million plays on SoundCloud..

Singles “Play” and “For You”Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 09.43.12 were shared kicking off 2014. A UK headline tour then propped up their year along with festival appearances as their sound began to branch out. Then a huge show popped up through Killing Moon. A headline slot at a Club NME night at London’s KOKO. This was also a rather big night for me, this was the first time that I would go up to the capital (60.9 miles away) in like 5 years..with the slight help of my Dad in the car bless him! It was one of the best nights of my life, well then it was. Anyway, they smashed it as the real fan base ball began to set in motion..

We then reach 2015 where the band released their debut EP “Velvet” which exploded them into people’s headphones across the globe and their festival circuit had upgraded playing the likes of Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Bestival!

I will now swiftly bring this story up to last night..

I got on a train with sister to London yesterday, the 16:02 from West Worthing feeling sick with nerves but it happened. I walked through rush hour in Victoria Station and bumbled onto a packed underground train. This seems like a normal thing to most of you I know but to me, the biggest stepping stone in my life to date. Anyway, we ended up in Camden for Fickle Friends biggest show of their career..

Dingwalls was sold out, yes sold out and I have no words to describe how fucking great Fickle Friends were. They played their songs with the excitable crowd singing every word back to them and their new stuff getting that same crowd jumping, clapping and dancing. New single “Say No More” ended what was the best Fickle Friends gig and maybe that best gig I’ve ever seen as the crowd poured on to the stage and confetti cannons blew. Not gonna lie a tear was definitely shed..

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.50.08

I’ve honestly never been so proud of five people in my life, I love you all SO MUCH!! Oh and although it’s weird to admit I’ve never been so proud of myself either, I never thought I would be here this morning writing this from that place I was in 3 years doesn’t feel real!

I will now go back to uncontrollably crying as I continue to process what happened yesterday..FUCK..

The 1975 Announce UK Tour

The 1975 Announce UK Tour

Calling all super fans! You can take a massive sigh of relief, they haven’t broken up. Still a bit of a shame for anyone out of the UK though as this newly announced tour at the end of the year is only happenin’ in our beautiful countries..

The band have also released a letter that explains a second album that they have been working on saying “It’s creation signifies the end of the most inspiring and challenging time that we’ve ever shared as friends and as artists.”

So then, a new album and 16 dates in November where you can all come and cry about the band coming back to life. They are basically Jesus. Tickets go on presale tomorrow morning at 9am so make sure you get to bed early tonight folks!!

See the venues/dates below..

                                                  9/11 – LIVERPOOL                       19/11 – CAMBRIDGE

                                                  10/11 – LEICESTER                      20/11 – PLYMOUTH

                                                  11/11 – SHEFFIELD                       21/11 – SOUTHAMPTON

                                                  12/11 – DONCASTER                    23/11 – SOUTHEND

                                                  14/11 – NOTTINGHAM                  24/11 – LONDON

                                                  15/11 – NEWCASTLE                    26/11 – BRIGHTON

                                                  17/11 – EDINBURGH                    27/11 – SWINDON

                                                  18/11 – BRIDLINGTON                 28/11 – MANCHESTER