Top 5 Performances @ The Great Escape 2015

Top 5 Performances @ The Great Escape 2015

So I think it’s safe to say that the 10th birthday of The Great Escape was definitely one of the best years to date. I am certainly paying the price for it today as i’m sure a lot of you other festival goers are, below you will find my favourite 5 performances as I try my best to recall some of my drunken memories..

1. AURORA @ Coalition (Friday)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT SHE WAS INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLE! No but seriously I wasn’t sure what to expect with this being the Norwegian teenagers first UK performance but I’m honestly still getting goosebumps now just thinking about it. The band were impressively on point and probably one of the best I’ve heard live and that vocal masterclass from the sweet little blonde front lady was indescribably brilliant. A roar from the packed out crowd followed every track and quite deservedly, this set was sheer perfection. Best live performance I’ve EVER seen (to date)..


2. Shamir @ Coalition (Thursday)

This guy was at the top of my must see list and he did not disappoint. Not surprisingly I was fairly tipsy by the time we saw him sass his way through his impressive set, tracks “Call It Off” and “On The Regular” the obvious crowd pleasers. It was a serious good time though, this guy knows how to work a packed out crowd oh, and jump in to and hug them all too which he so politely did at the end. His debut album is gonna be on repeat over here..


3. Slaves @ Corn Exchange (Saturday)

After meaning to see these guys on the Friday night and not doing so they were swiftly added to my Saturday schedule which made for a pretty incredible closing party at the Corn Exchange. This duo are a pure delight to watch, their talents that are sometimes overlooked were there for all to see in what was a faultless set. Moshing was a guarantee and “The Hunter” was the track that really got the 600+ strong crowd going and an actual standing up crowd surf was attempted by the troublesome two piece and well, it kinda worked which was quite impressive in itself..

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4. Jack Garratt @ Wagner Hall (Thursday)

By now we all know how talented and how hotly tipped this bloke is to be the next big thing and after seeing him for the third time in 9 months I can safely say that he is that “big thing” already. Obviously this place was packed to the rafters, albeit with slightly inebriated individuals but all the same they were all stoked with Jack’s set. The best i’ve seen him play live and i’m sure he’ll only keep getting better and better..


5. Lapsley @ Coalition (Thursday)

Another one on my must see list, this Liverpudlian gal had an early evening slot and yet packed the place out and quite rightly. The vocals i’d become so accustom to hearing on my headphone for months was finally there infront of me and it was completely wonderful. The layered and textured “Station” being my standout track from the immensely spine tingling and unforgettable set..


P.S I also saw The Maccabees and they were bloody amazing, I cried.