we are the ones who wanna live young

we are the ones who wanna live young

Something happened the other day, something that got me very excited. Do you recall a band called Mausi? WELL. You may remember hits such as “Sol”, “Move” and “My Friend Has A Swimming Pool” bringing a little bit of danced up sun into your life a few years back..

We always had one mission: dream big and fuck things up.

That’s right, they’re back and they’ve brought their catchy dance hooks with them on new single “Famous”. Hitting up the 80’s synth this track explores the trance inspired side of the band that we never got to see under management. After sitting on this track since their split it has that feeling of a big old middle finger to the music industry and I think after listening it’s fair to say that these guys come out on top.

Now, releasing via their own label XIX Music this talented, banger producing, pop bunch can push on with releasing what they want, when they want and this can only mean BIG things.

Boogie and scream along (definitely what I’m doing) to “Famous” below..


emotional motion sickness

emotional motion sickness

I have had a shit few days and this track has perked me up enough to write about it so that in itself makes it a winner in my eyes. Phoebe Bridgers is from LA and she is creating pure magic with her newest releases..

With swooping, folk inspired guitars plucking away at broken hearts “Motion Sickness” is easy on the ears. Reverbed vocals paint the picture around some of the best songwriting scenery I’ve seen in a while, picking out happy smiles amongst a whole host of sad faces.

The forthcoming album “Stranger In The Alps” comes out on Dead Oceans on September 22nd and I will be all over it, as should you..


p.s US peeps can find all her tour dates (starting next month) HERE!

p.p.s sorry UK peeps.

p.p.p.s please come to the UK soon Phoebe.

brighton is best

brighton is best

After a flurry of under the radar releases flying out of our seaside city I thought it would be only right to give them all the shout out they deserve, plus I really couldn’t be bothered to do like four different posts. Yes, it’s one of those weeks..

First off we have the mighty, upcoming duo Tuska with their newest alt pop sway. Soon to release their debut thang named S.E.P (Slight Extended Play) it’s for sure an exciting to time for these two cheeky chaps..


Four lads going by the name of Wild Front up next with my favourite track off their brand spanking new EP “Physics”, fresh off of BBC Introducing festival stages and everything..

Josh Mcgovern is soloist bolstering this post with his strong, dreamy vocals on “The Devil Below Me” and judging by the sound of it you best be watching out for this young man in the very near future..

Last but never least we have Thyla, a band I fell in love with so very long ago and who have just released (in my opinion) their best track to date. Get your ears around the incredible “Pristine Dream” asap..

This is just me scratching the surface of the Brighton music scene and it’s dominance in the music industry at the moment. If you like what you hear from the talented bunch above then get searching “Brighton” on our bar up in that top right ^ to find more spangly new gems to get all giddy over..

Much love xx

(p.s all of the above are my weekly hits because I couldn’t choose between them.)


lenses, maps

lenses, maps

After having a recent throwback to my love of math pop/rock with an old pal going by the name of Lewis I have been constantly stumbling across new bands playing with the sound that I fell in love with way back when I was a teen. One of those artists being the Melbourne based Lenses, Maps..

“Rock music, without the social aspect..”

Naming her sound as midwest emo, Tamara Westwood (Freya) is throwing around an old school math swing into her catchy new jams. Recently releasing her self titled debut record ‘Lenses, Maps’ it is abundantly clear that this gal is a talented one. New single “Better Intentions”, a track that shows off the start of a compilation with friends flows on from the debut with aplomb. Inhibition losing guitar work leading the way through a forest of atmospheric vocals/songwriting.

Listen to our weekly hit below or stream Tamara’s smashing, self titled debut right here..


sobs’ catflap

sobs’ catflap

After discovering this band that I’m literally about to tell you all about I went on a little mini journey through upcoming Asian indie-pop stuff and I’m not gonna lie fell in love with an awful lot. Anyway on to Singapore homed trio Celine Autumn, Jared Lim, Raphael Ong aka Sobs and their debut EP “Catflap”..

Charmfully indulging you in their world from the word go this collection of tracks tell a story. With just a little bit of help from gleaming guitars, endearing vocals and their “un-cool” pop songwriting and at just over 11 minutes this is a short but oh so sweet release..in my eyes it’s actually pretty much completely perfect.

‘Catflap’ collects real-life experiences, fantasies and melancholy rom-coms sewn into a diary of songs on life’s frustrations, affection, intimacy, a neighbour’s dog, and Singapore’s non-existent ocean…

Seriously wanting to pick the whole EP as my weekly hit but if I had to choose one it would be the the glistening, lead single “Girl” that made my weekend so darn special that takes the crown this week! Go and check out the whole release below and fall in love with me, well, not with me, with the songs..

the waves of juney

the waves of juney

My weekly hit this week won’t involve too much background on the artist as one, I don’t really know anything about him and two, he only released his first demo a few days ago. Regardless, that demo track is way too good not to feature..

“The Wave” takes a laid back approach to production whilst hitting every aspect out of the park. Dreamy, star gazing synths wallow throughout as guitar strokes and distorted mixing throw this track into the ring with the likes of the mighty The Japanese House.

Simple bliss, go and get behind this unknown Auckland based quantity..