Now, I know, I have been away for a few months and I know that this means I have missed A LOT of the end of 2017’s musical buzz. More importantly the local, Brighton homed buzz..but fear not I am here with four things you need to hear/see just incase you were as distant as me over the last few months..


Yonaka shared the pink linen engulfed visuals for their killer single “Bubblegum” off their debut ‘Heavy’ EP.  After finding them a few years back, boy are they proving to be one hell of an uprise. 2018 is gon’ be big for this bunch..


Klae became a new name to divulge yourselves in as they shared their debut track “Fake”. Showing that there are two sides to everything in the video for a promising local upstart..


High Tyde continued to finish their 2017 in style by sharing “Young Offenders & “In Your Head”, both with videos boasting their teen breakout aesthetic. Again, another band with a bright year ahead for sure..


Sulky Boy went and dished out “Shasta Fay” alongside a swanky new look (big fan). An already decent following throughout the lanes of Brighton, a breakout year for the stick out duo? Maybe..


SO, that’s ya lot, for now anyway..

OH and my aptly named ‘Playlisted Weekly’ Spotify playlist will be back and up to date this Friday (05/01) TOO! Get on that ting below here: