After having a recent throwback to my love of math pop/rock with an old pal going by the name of Lewis I have been constantly stumbling across new bands playing with the sound that I fell in love with way back when I was a teen. One of those artists being the Melbourne based Lenses, Maps..

“Rock music, without the social aspect..”

Naming her sound as midwest emo, Tamara Westwood (Freya) is throwing around an old school math swing into her catchy new jams. Recently releasing her self titled debut record ‘Lenses, Maps’ it is abundantly clear that this gal is a talented one. New single “Better Intentions”, a track that shows off the start of a compilation with friends flows on from the debut with aplomb. Inhibition losing guitar work leading the way through a forest of atmospheric vocals/songwriting.

Listen to our weekly hit below or stream Tamara’s smashing, self titled debut right here..