Good Morning! I’m currently writing this through a fair few tears but you’ll see why in a minute. I’m going to tell you a story..

SO, I’ve always struggled with anxiety issues. Big crowds and public transport became impossible and basically 3 years ago I couldn’t even leave the house for about 14 months. It sucked, I was depressed, counselling happened, suicidal thoughts were also there in parts BUT then something changed. I suddenly gained that tiny bit of confidence that I needed for the first time in over 4 years at the time to get up and go to a city called Brighton (12 miles away), dying from nervousness but it happened..

On maybe the third visit, with the nerves still completely there I saw a new band called Fickle Friends play at a tiny little venue called The Blind Tiger. Jack had invited me and my other friend Henry was filling in on bass funnily enough he actually killed it on the night, they all did. I was fully hooked. Later on that month my sisters boyfriend Harry became their new bassist as their new wave soundĀ Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 09.44.25began to take shape..

I continued to watch them play venues across Brighton as their confidence grew alongside mine and I eventually became good friends with the other members Natti, Sam and Chris. A competition then arose with Jamie Oliver and The Big Feastival in 2013. Fickle Friends went on to win this. This was when things changed, the band evolve as they recorded and released their first single “Swim” which now has nearly a million plays on SoundCloud..

Singles “Play” and “For You”Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 09.43.12 were shared kicking off 2014. A UK headline tour then propped up their year along with festival appearances as their sound began to branch out. Then a huge show popped up through Killing Moon. A headline slot at a Club NME night at London’s KOKO. This was also a rather big night for me, this was the first time that I would go up to the capital (60.9 miles away) in like 5 years..with the slight help of my Dad in the car bless him! It was one of the best nights of my life, well then it was. Anyway, they smashed it as the real fan base ball began to set in motion..

We then reach 2015 where the band released their debut EP “Velvet” which exploded them into people’s headphones across the globe and their festival circuit had upgraded playing the likes of Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Bestival!

I will now swiftly bring this story up to last night..

I got on a train with sister to London yesterday, the 16:02 from West Worthing feeling sick with nerves but it happened. I walked through rush hour in Victoria Station and bumbled onto a packed underground train. This seems like a normal thing to most of you I know but to me, the biggest stepping stone in my life to date. Anyway, we ended up in Camden for Fickle Friends biggest show of their career..

Dingwalls was sold out, yes sold out and I have no words to describe how fucking great Fickle Friends were. They played their songs with the excitable crowd singingĀ every word back to them and their new stuff getting that same crowd jumping, clapping and dancing. New single “Say No More” ended what was the best Fickle Friends gig and maybe that best gig I’ve ever seen as the crowd poured on to the stage and confetti cannons blew. Not gonna lie a tear was definitely shed..

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.50.08

I’ve honestly never been so proud of five people in my life, I love you all SO MUCH!! Oh and although it’s weird to admit I’ve never been so proud of myself either, I never thought I would be here this morning writing this from that place I was in 3 years doesn’t feel real!

I will now go back to uncontrollably crying as I continue to process what happened yesterday..FUCK..