The incredible amount of local music that’s produced is one of the things that really drove me to create this blog them 28 months ago. The fact that Brighton is still churning out artist after artist is simply mind blowing. Miles Goodall is the latest singer-songwriter throwing himself out there..


“When I write songs I like to put myself in the position of characters that I create, in this case it’s the tale of two people torn apart by the circumstances they find themselves in. The song is basically my character trying to comfort the other and reassure them that it’ll all be over soon, and we’ll be back together and that we’re going to make it no matter what the cost..”


After seeing this guy perform at the start of the year it was evident that he had the raw talents to produce the anthemics he was aiming for. This single shows off that talent down to the last note. Driving guitar and chiming piano stand strong through a whirlwind of honest vocals as this track uplifts and gives away a smile..

Goodall’s forthcoming EP “Paintings” is due to release alongside a good old fashioned launch party at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton on October 17th. Be there.