Sometimes you just listen to something and the world stops around you for a bit. That happened when I fell for my good friend and talented Brighton musician Ozzy Ellis aka Owlis‘ new demo track..

After sending me a novel sized email containing the background to the song and an anecdote about meeting an old lady in hospital (which was actually really cute), I didn’t really know where to start on trimming it down but here’s a little bit behind the creation and my weekly hit “Oceanic”..

“So, about the song; It’s first incarnation came up a few years ago, and after a few years of obsessive tinkering … it stayed exactly the same as it began. As silly as that sounds, that has become a large part of the message. Finally being able to release a bedroom demo version of it marks a milestone of “letting go” of a lot of aches and pains.”

“Over these years there’s been a place I would climb to from which I could see the setting of my childhood. Each town, and the coastline that connected them. Nature, and views like the one I cherished keep me going. It’s like that scene in The Hobbit where Bilbo climbs the tree to scout the way, as giant spiders attack his friends below. Stealing a moment to clear your head, breath some fresh air and enjoy the view. The problems that wait can be dealt with better after that. That’s what I enjoy about this piece. It’s not a call to nihilism – There’s a lot of hope in it.”

There’s no two ways about it, if Owlis was to go forward to create more from this emotionally drained, trickling guitar land then it would become bigger than he thinks. Listen to the short but oh so sweet demo below and go support the shit out of it so we can hear more in the future yeah? Cool.