Phangs – Cul De Sac

First up this week we have a guy called Jake Germany (best name ever) based in Nashville, creating pop sounds as PHANGS. This debut is sweet and subtle with its decadal throwbacks, certainly sounding pretty damn nice from where I’m sitting..

Cinema – Sunlight

Next up we head up the country to Birmingham where a talented quintet are returning with their new single. “Sunlight” hones in on their previous alternative sound but with established maturity and obvious indie-pop zeal..

Wallace – Raffled Roses

New Zealand bound now to discover some exciting future soul sounds. Wallace’s vocals shine through this tampered pop single, offering a simple beat surrounded by an array of clankings. This is definitely a grower give it some time people..

Merk – I’m Easy

We are going to stick around down under for just one more stop as I introduce the alternative shufflings of the weird and oh so wonderful Mark Perkins aka Merk. A synth infested, hook entangling masterpiece, this new single is the bee’s knees of undiscovered indie pop..

Club Drive – Dangerous

We finish our round trip of the globe in London where a brand new four piece have shared their hard hitting pop debut. An interesting toss up between The Script and Fall Out Boy this single certainly already sounds radio ready. Yes boys..