Elohim – Hallucinating

We begin our list this week in the weird yet bloody brilliant world of a new soloist from LA. Her latest single explores alternative pop with soundbites, violins, mexican horns and all sorts. Kinda in love with this plucky little number..

Hush Moss – Take Me By The Hand

From one interesting track to another. I discovered this Berlin based disco inspired collective last week and have found myself listening to their new single an awful lot. A very European Honne, get this trickling, glistening in to your ears. That key change though..

Basecamp – In Stone

Off to the state of Nashville now where we uncover an electrio sharing their latest treat. Moody in the best way, this track delivers with it’s indulgent clicks and moans. An impressive and powerful foot down in a tough old genre market..

Ainslie Wills – Drive

Melbourne, Australia is our next stop and a fruitful, alternative single is what I shall be delivering to your ear holes. Melodical perfection shimmying hand in hand with Ainslie’s completely hypnotising whalings make this a must listen..

Weirdo – Attitude

I’ve had my eye on this anonymous soloist for a while now just trying to work out what direction he is heading. It would appear he’s going every which way possible. The latest splash of weirdness, his best to date. A sugar filled Foals..