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Religion is more of a touchy subject now than it probably ever has been but if there’s one thing that can change that, it’s music. Sussex based Josh Bannister, David Blight, Matt Knight, Adam Nichols and Isaac Bannister are heading up the charge of freshening up the stigma..

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 13.56.36“We are a bunch of guys bound together by two loves; music and the Gospel. We are a Christian band, and our passion is to use the gifts God has given us to his glory. Our hope is to write music which comforts, encourages, and inspires others, as well as to bring some variety and respect to the British Christian music industry.”

There is no doubt that this debut EP is vibrant in its member’s beliefs but as a person who is neither here nor there with religion it comes across just as vibrant in songwriting brilliance..

The 1975 meets Christianity as synths and guitars spring out of “Sufficient For Me” with pop gusto, following brightfully on from the 80’s snare clicking, atmosphere building intro. “Jobs Reply” adds a quirky, shuffling riff outbreak to proceedings as both “Firm Foundation” and “The Weight of Love” deliver a soft, loving, honest hug to wrap up everything all nice and cosy together..

 Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 13.29.42“Buried at Sea is a record about anxiety. It’s about coming to terms with my failure to cope. It’s about a realisation that my dependance upon God for everything is a brute fact and not a circumstantial feeling.” – Bannister


Whether you are Christian or not there is no doubt that this debut EP is one that could easily grace the playlists of anyone and everyone’s..and that’s how it should be right? Music wins again..