After discovering this band that I’m literally about to tell you all about I went on a little mini journey through upcoming Asian indie-pop stuff and I’m not gonna lie fell in love with an awful lot. Anyway on to Singapore homed trio Celine Autumn, Jared Lim, Raphael Ong aka Sobs and their debut EP “Catflap”..

Charmfully indulging you in their world from the word go this collection of tracks tell a story. With just a little bit of help from gleaming guitars, endearing vocals and their “un-cool” pop songwriting and at just over 11 minutes this is a short but oh so sweet my eyes it’s actually pretty much completely perfect.

‘Catflap’ collects real-life experiences, fantasies and melancholy rom-coms sewn into a diary of songs on life’s frustrations, affection, intimacy, a neighbour’s dog, and Singapore’s non-existent ocean…

Seriously wanting to pick the whole EP as my weekly hit but if I had to choose one it would be the the glistening, lead single “Girl” that made my weekend so darn special that takes the crown this week! Go and check out the whole release below and fall in love with me, well, not with me, with the songs..