I had the pleasure of being invited to the album launch of Brighton collective Bright City last week. Built inside the holy walls of St. Peter’s Church this is yes, music written about and surrounding a God but really, as an on the fence atheist, when you strip away the directive lyrics you will find a banger or two and that’s what sets these guys apart from your musical Christian stereotype..

Packing out The Old Market in Hove their album tracks “You Are The One Thing” and “Fly” brought the party to life, whether you were celebrating a faith or just celebrating the weekend these tracks made you feel great! Other tracks “Your Love” and opener “Maker Of The Moon” also stand out, promoting the diverse songwriting talents within the group. There were moments where the crowd took to their knees in prayer and their were times of moshing and drink lobbing, this isn’t your normal church band, this is the future.

Whether you are of faith or not give this album a chance. These guys aren’t just out to preach, they’re out to create atmospheric pop music and in my eyes they’re doing that pretty damn well!

Stream “Hello Maker” below..