I just wanted to take this quick opportunity in what will be my last post of 2015 to thank all of you lovely readers who have almost doubled our reads this year to over 80,000!! Of course a massive thankyou to all the artists and bands who have shared my ramblings too it’s still bloody crazy in my eyes! I hope you’ve all had a cracking Christmas and all get very very drunk this New Years..2016 is gonna be grand I just know it!!

Anyway, onto my top ten albums of the year then ay..

1. Justin Bieber – Purpose

There was only one winner this year. It came late but I think we all knew that after the first track dropped that this full release was going to blow the fuck up. His most mature album to date spilling into this new pop phase for the still incredibly young Canadian. You just can’t say anything bad about any of the tracks from 1-19. JUST YES!!

2. Kendrick Lamar РTo Pimp A Butterfly 

This album only misses out on top spot because of JB. This is was the right sound from the right man at exactly the right time. The sixteen tracks (interludes included) are all bloody perfection. Anger, despair and meaning pour through the lyrics that overflow into the impeccable overall sound..

3. Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder

A track a month was the plan and that plan they more than succeeded in. This talented duo have stolen my heart with this debut album. Their now already iconic sound is the one i’ll pick out when I think back to 2015 with their electronic piano led soothers..

4. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Think

This young lady has produced this alternative sound based around her straight talking writing style. A story teller trapped in an incredibly talented musicians body. The tracks are unique and bubbling with the infectious upbeat rock-pop trots, minus a couple of course..

5. Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

For me personally this was one of the releases that I was most looking forward to this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Echoing their already huge sound this bunch continued to create more iconic footsteps in their intuitive and creative writing style with this, their third album..

6. Shamir – Ratchet

Bringing a whole mess a sass to this list is the young man who brought his falsetto led sound to the forefront to the start of 2015. This album is full quirky pop flings with a strong electronic base that flirts off into the youngsters out there personality..

7. Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

After Royal Blood undoubtedly taking the duo crown in 2014 this troublesome twosome certainly take it this year. Their debut album is straight to the point with the simplistic yet commonly hard hitting tracks. The real question is though..did Debbie ever find her car?

8. Darwin Deez – Double Down

This has been my go to album since it’s release and it’s somehow managed to grow my love towards this incredibly talented songwriter. Being his third album you could maybe expect the same things but this guy just continues to create new interesting sounds wrapped around his already unique sound..

9. James Bay – Chaos and The Calm

Following what could only be described as a meteoric rise this guy’s debut release had to make the list. So many of the tracks have become huge as singles themselves and I think that deserves an incredible amount of appreciation for this just breathtaking soloist. The male voice of 2015 in my eyes..

10. Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion

Kicking off this list is a girl who can’t really catch a break. Since that huge start to her career with THAT single, all her other things seem to be brushed beneath the carpet. But in my eyes this, her third official album is undoubtedly the underrated pop release of the year..