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There’s nothing like a Brighton based premiere to kickstart your weekend right?..

Maddy Jones, Mark Docherty, Tariq Khawaja, Adam Passingham and Luis Bezzi forged Team New Band in 2013. The debut EP “Finally” dropped last year which blew the five piece into a local fan base. Their first release of the year brings a crashing of US inspired, alternative rock lying in a 90’s Britpop haze..

“What ‘Freaks’ demonstrates is a band that are restless in their work ethic, always eager to venture further into their sound, discovering stones unturned and ultimately, discovering a sound that sells their musical roots..” 

Raw and gritty beneath, this track grows on it’s morals. We are all freaks really aren’t we? Exclusively stare at the slappings that occurred within the post brainwashed party below..