It’s been tough getting back into the swing of finding new music that’s out there, yet to be found BUT I think I have lumbered over a San Fran homed treat and a half..

Highschoolers from the Californian state are clanging out their “soup kitchen rock” (as they like to call it) and I’m not gonna beat around any bushes when I say that this shit is good. The group consists of Mitchell Marinaro (vocals and rhythm guitar), Grace Cardinale (drums), Alex Santana (lead guitar), River Manochio (bass) and Alex Varni (“hype man”) and their quest for world domination has only just begun..

Looking like a flashback to the 90’s the band played their “Planet Weird Fun” album release show last night in an invite only, messy looking, house party. Here are some snaps from just that very exclusive party;










If these point and shoot masterpieces aren’t doing it for you then please, go ahead, listen to the catchy, garage, surf rock tidings of Weird Fun and please for the love of god remember where you heard them first yeah? Oh and keep an eye out for their debut album, it’s gon’ be good..